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BAS is a family owned and operated company that produces high quality, competitvely priced ground rubber. BAS has been an industry leader for 20 years and is the only tire recycler on the West Coast that uses cryogenic technology.

FacilityApproximately 290 million scrap tires are generated each year across the nation. At BAS our commitment as a tire recycler is to make smart, environmentally good use of discarded tires.

Products produced with recycled crumb rubber use less materials and often times out perform the conventional or standard solutions

Our 60,000 square foot facility is equipped with a state of the art equipment that can process up to 5 tons of product per hour. Operating 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday gives us the capability to fulfill the largest of orders and run a clean, efficient business.

Our expert staff is committed to meeting your company’s unique specifications.

Contact us at (951) 214-6590

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