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Common UsesAfter years of wear on the road, tires can be recycled for useful, longer lasting, more durable products that make every day life more enjoyable.

Ground rubber from whole tire recycling can provide your business with reduced production costs compared to higher cost virgin materials.

Our recycling technology begins with the separation of each tire back to its original separate parts of rubber, steel and fabric. Using cryogenic and ambient technology BAS can produce a wide level of specifications to meet your company’s needs.

We supply ground rubber that is continually inspected and tested to insure uniform, clean, quality material for your company’s use.

Working with BAS, your company will benefit from:

  • Production capability to fill large orders
  • Same day order and shipping
  • Custom blends to your company’s specifications
  • Using less natural resources through the use of recycled ground rubber
  • Recycled ground rubber often times outperforms the conventional or standard solutions

BAS produces raw material for all rubber products. Contact our experts today for your company’s complete ground rubber solution.

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